As co-owner of McBride Research Laboratories, Inc., a family held corporation, Sholanda McBride Armstrong is a 19 year veteran of the beauty industry. During those years she worked her way through the company and was instrumental in building the Design Essentials, Wave By Design, and Colaura brands. Having previously served as Director of Marketing and Director of Product Development she has a deep understanding of product usage, ingredients and technique.

In 2004 she decided to add the title of licensed cosmetologist to her list of accomplishments. As a licensed professional she can easily communicate with both professionals and consumers, and she believes that the stylist/client relationship is a necessary part of any healthy hair regimen.

As a married working mother of three children, she not only understands, but also personally relates to the varied hair needs and challenges of modern women. It is this understanding that she uses in her current position as Interactive Media Director, to create content and provide information that supports women in their everyday lives.

Hair journeys are constantly evolving to fit lifestyles and trends, and Sholanda is no stranger to these shifts. Her personal hair journey has included relaxers, texturizing, transitioning, coloring and keratin smoothing systems to name a few. Currently she is natural but contemplating a sleek short cut.