Alicia Bailey is an industry guru and former salon owner of Flawless Sessions Hair salon of GA and Flawless Unisex Hair Salon in Hampton, Virginia. With 25 years as a licensed Master Cosmetologist and Instructor, she holds a BSBA in Business Administration/Finance and MAED in Secondary Education. She is also a certified English teacher for Secondary Education. She has been an Educator for McBride Research Laboratories (MRL) since 1999 and her career continued to flourish over the years. With numerous awards to show for her hard work and dedication, Alicia continues to excel as an industry leader and is an asset to MRL. She is currently the global educational corporate trainer for MRL and is passionate about leading and developing training programs for the educational team around the world.  

At a young age, she started working in the salon as an assistant and pursued her Cosmetology License while in high school. After graduation, she served in the Army National Guard while working in the salon full-time. She always exceled academically, therefore, college attendance was non-negotiable. She dedicated time to obtain her degrees and opened her first salon in her hometown of Hampton, Virginia. She decided to advance her career and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she opened her second salon. Her love for hair and education has been the driving force of her success. She is now a columnist for Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine and continues to share her knowledge globally.

With her love for art, music, travel, and adventure, she is humbled by the opportunity to see the world and meet new people. The “road less traveled” is the one she chooses to take as she has always been a leader. Her children are the loves of her life and she prides herself in doing all that she does solely for them. She loves singing, cooking, reading and working in the yard. Alicia firmly believes that all things are possible when one has a grounded foundation.