A Series for Salon Pros That Want To Grow And Prosper

We at Design Essentials believe that Salon Professionals are entrepreneurs that help build and support communities, and we want to help you by providing business knowledge that helps your business grow and prosper.

This bi-monthly series will cover topics that help you make more money, stay informed and work smarter not harder. Two Mondays a month we'll conveniently e-mail you the latest episodes, so sign up below to stay inspired and informed.

Strand TV host, Jeanine Fulton, welcomes comments and input from you to create informative features that focus on the subjects that matter most to you. Reach out to her at [email protected] to "Get Down To Business" on your favorite topics.         

About StrandTV

About StrandTV | Episode 1 

Discover how Strand TV can help your business grow. This is the first video of a bi-monthly series that will discuss operational business tips for salon professionals.ssionals.

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 Make More Money | Episode 2

Everyone wants to make more money, but what's the first step? Build your business on a solid foundation by taking some basic steps to prepare for the growth to come. 

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The Beauty Industry | Episode 3

Now more than ever it is important that professionals know what's happening in the beauty industry, and how you and your business will be impacted.

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Double Your Income | Episode 4 

Everyday Discover how Strand TV can help your business grow. This is the first video of a bi-monthly series that will discuss operational business tips for salon professionals.

Apps for you Business

 Apps For Your Biz   | Episode 5 

Technology is crucial to running a modern and sustainable business today, and apps can help make operations run smoother than ever before. 

Business Brand Makeover

Brand Makeover | Episode 6

Does your business brand need a makeover? Find out the three elements of a great brand and how you can spruce up your salon and professional brand.  


Benchmarking Your Competition | Episode 7

How do you stack up against the competition? Learn six ways you can size up your competition and keep yourself in the game.

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Digital Portfolios | Episode 8

Does your digital portfolio give your business the right image? Use these 4 tips to get the look you're going for.


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It's Time to Start Planning | Episode 9

Serious about your business? Then it’s time to start planning. Learn how a 30-60-90 day plan can keep you on track.

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Are You Ready for Multiple Locations? | Episode 10

Thinking about another location? Here are three things you should already have in place.

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Motivation | Episode 11

How are you staying motivated in the beauty industry? Sometimes you need to take a step back.

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Benefits of Online Education | Episode 12

Want to learn new skills or brush up on your techniques? Online education offers plenty of options.

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Industry Success Stories | Episode 13

Get inspired with these three stories of others who found success in the beauty industry.

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